Welcome to the ARK Server Rules on any .:CyberGameZone:. Community and Partner Servers**

Insta-ban will be given for:

  • Any form of disrespect to an admin, others, racism, homophobic or trash talk.
  • Any form of hacking / cheating / exploiting.

Use common sense - in addition, these rules are NOT flexible. Violate any of the following, and you may be removed from the community.
*No drama. Treat those around you with respect.
*No politics, racism, hate speech, or cussing!
*No adult themed posts/links/pictures!
*No spamming channels with unrelated content or users via DM.
*No abuse of Admins or Staff.
*No hacking, scripts, or exploits.
*NO Downloading from SinglePlayer (SP) onto any server. This INCLUDES: your character, dinos and items. <- Your Tribe and all players will be removed from the server.
*No blocking of rivers (accessible for a raft/boat), caves, teleporters, or blocking anything that another player may want to access.
*No blocking, or pillar spamming to block resources.
*No ridiculous builds. (IE: Max 50x50 foundation, walls no higher than 10, towers no higher than 20.)
*No more than 1 major base per tribe, and no more than 4 smaller bases for individual bases. If the tribe is larger than 4, you may add 1 smaller base. If another large base is needed, contact an admin.
*No clutter, or building small foundations with a few things on it. It will be removed.
*Decay/Purge is enabled. Connect to the server at least 1x per week.
*No harassment, discrimination, racism or abuse of any kind. Be respectful to each other.
*No inappropriate usernames, emotes or avatars.
*No drug, NSFW, pornography, sexually explicit or suggestive content.

If you find a base that can be claimable or dinos can be, post either in the discord advising and wait for and admin to respond. OR, submit an ingame ticket and wait for an admin to respond. Or DM an admin and wait. Note: A instance may happen where you do follow all the rules, and are waiting and someone else comes in and just takes it all. We wont be able to transfer items, but we have details logs and once we discover whom it was they probably will be banned.
Breaking into abandoned bases is allowed when APPROVED by an Admin.
Claiming abandoned dinos is allowed when APPROVED by an Admin. Make sure that the decay timers has fully ended before doing so.

Servers are provided to the Community for free.

All games have bugs, updates and servers may have issues. We do our best to provide an enjoyable experience to the community, but be aware some things are out of our control.

If you are victim of a bug, update or server issue please accept the losses and be positive moving forward. It's a game and we are all here to have fun.

Anytime an admin finds a rule violated, action will follow. This may include the removal of the structure or items, and/or the entire tribe or player from the server.

*Rules are subject to change at any time. It is the players responsibility to read them, and revisit them. Thank you.